San Andres

Don Valente Angel Garcia

The land around Don Valente’s destileria is a high rolling plateau at some 5000 feet. The soil is shaley and ferriferous. His mezcals have unusually well-defined flavors and aromas. Starting in mid-2016, Don Valente will release ALIPUS ENSAMBLE San Andrés, a blend of 80% espadín and 20% semi-wild bicuishe.

the one named street.the municipio is in the background
the church. don valente donated the land
the Cimiterio

One of two hornos.

A well-roasted espadín.

Chopping up roasted agaves for milling.

When he’s done, he will have cut up some seven tons.

A rich fermentation.

Don Valente has plastered the outside of his stills. The open spaces are used for split firewood.

Karina Abad of Los Danzantes with Don Valente and his neighbor Don Beto.

Rural real estate for rent.

Photographs by Linda Newton and a Tourist