Current Mezcalero

tepeztate (agave marmorata)
Emilio Vieyra of san miguel del monte, michoacan, distiller of mezcalero no. 12. That’s the upper chamber of his still


MEZCALERO No. 25 (2021)

Wild tobalá (agave potatorum) distilled in 2013 by Don Cosmé Hernandez and his son Cirilo of San Baltazar Guélavila. Beautiful tobalá elegance married to San Baltazar;’s signature soft touch. 47.5% abv.  sold out

MEZCALERO No. 26 (2022)

Wild arroqueño (agave Americana) distilled in 2018 by Don Valente Angel Garcia in Santa Maria la Pila. Precise cuts, unusually pure flavors. Arroqueño’s high acidity helps to make the flavors clean and distinct. Nice intensity, with minerality form Miahuatlan’s ferriferous clay shales. 47% abv

MEZCALERO No. 27 (2022)

Wild jabalí (agave convallis) and tepeztate (agave marmorata), with espadín, distilled in 2019 by Rodolfo Juan Juarez in San Juan del Rio. The use of jabalí, intensity married to earthy fruitiness, is noteworthy: it makes wonderful mezcal but is notoriously difficult to distill. The rounded broad flavor of espadín is the perfect backdrop to wild agaves. Special stuff. 276 bottles only. 46% abv SOLD OUT

MEZCALERO No. 28 (2017)

Hand-distilled May 2013 by Don Valente Angel in Santa Maria la Pila in Miahuatlan from wild bicuishe (agave Karwinskii), semi-wild madrecuishe (agave Karwinskii), wild Mexicano (agave rhodacantha)and cultivated espadín (agave angustifolia).Aged five years in glass: soft, balanced, complex. Unreal. 552 bottles 47%abv

MEZCALERO No. 29 (2022)

Hand-distilled April 2019 by Octavio Jiménez Méndez in Santiago Matatlan from wild tepextate (agave marmorata). Tepextate‘s rich intense fullness. 504 bottles/46.5% abv