Current Mezcalero

tepeztate (agave marmorata)
Emilio Vieyra of san miguel del monte, michoacan, distiller of mezcalero no. 12. That’s the upper chamber of his still


MEZCALERO No. 16 (2016)
Semi-wild madrecuishe (agave karwinskii) distilled by Don Valente Angel in Santa Maria Pila. The species has high acidity, thus great structure and clarity of flavor in the mezcal. Beautifully distilled. 1308 bottles at 47.2% abv.

MEZCALERO No. 17 (2016)
Wild agave de lumbre, an agave so unknown it has no scientific name, blended at roasting with espadín (agave angustifolia). The distiller is Cirilio Hernandez of San Baltazar Guélavila, who has a marvelous soft touch. Delicate and genuinely rare. 1104 bottles at 48% abv.

MEZCALERO No. 18 (2017)

Wild and semi-wild agaves bicuishe, madrecuishe (agaves karwinskii), mexicano (agave rhodacantha, or dobadán). and cultivated espadín (agave angustifolia), distilled in May, 2013, by Don Valente Angel in Santa Maria la Pila, and bottled after four years in tank. Amazing presence. 46% abv.

MEZCALERO No. 19 (2017)

Wild cirial (variant of agave Karwinskii) and cultivated upland espadín (agave angustifolia) distilled in March, 2015 by Don Baltazar Cruz Gonzales in San Luis del Rio, and bottled after more than 2 years in tank. Beautifully distilled. 47% abv.

MEZCALERO No. 20 (2018)

Semi-wild Arroqueño (agave americana) distilled in 2016 on a clay pot by Jesús Rios of El Potrero, a tiny spot just off the highway on the other side of the first ridge west of Sola de Vega. Steep terrain brings out the ferality of the intense arroqueño, softened by the clay pot. Very clean. 48.5% abv