So where can I buy it?

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It’s not always easy to find. Alipús got started mostly in bars, and Craft Distillers
always takes care of existing customers first. The Alipús destilerías produce limited
amounts of mezcal.  Mexico is a huge market for the brand, which means that USA
stores can’t always get what they need. This is especially true of Mezcalero, which is
100% allocated before it comes in.
Every mezcal Craft Distillers® brings in is carried by our neighbor
Caddell & Williams, here:


Another good store is Ledger’s Liquor in Berkeley, CA, here:


Alipús is bottled by Destilería los Danzantes®, an artisanal distillery in
Santiago Matatlan, south of Oaxaca city. It is distributed in the USA by